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Sheep Handler

Craig Sinclair

We bought our Combi Clamp a few years ago after my father suffered an injury and my mother and myself crutched all the sheep over the board. He watched us suffering away dragging out big frame ewes and couldn’t bare to see us have this burden. So he soon invested in a Combi Clamp which has been the best asset to our yard set up. We can now carry out most of our farming operations through the clamp with so much ease. I myself, along with the dog, and occasionally some company from someone to help push up, can crutch sheep, drench sheep, weigh sheep, draft sheep, mouth sheep, treat sheep with injuries and vaccinate sheep. It’s so fast, efficient and removes the hard labor from all jobs. I can now get any of these jobs done in less than half the time it used to take me, and I don’t need a day to recover after doing it. Could not recommend it anymore. It’s the best.

Renee Drysdale

I have recently purchased a Combi Clamp. I can honestly say that at the end of each session I find myself thinking the same thing – BRILLIANT! I have been working with sheep full time for 25 years and have been ‘involved’ all my life. I am an 8th generation sheep farmer on a Romney Marsh in UK. The Combi Clamp is the best piece of kit I have ever purchased and has just made sheep handling so much easier, as the years are catching up with the body.

Howard Bates

We are very much in love with our Combi Clamp!! We used the wheels for the first time when vaccinating and drenching before lambing started, and it made life much easier for the ewes!

K Adkins

Used the Combi Clamp this morning for the first time to collect fecal samples – what a breeze!! Easy to use and so practical. We are so pleased we bought your equipment – many thanks.

Keith & Sue Osborne

Well we finally have the Combi Clamp at Seaspray and we have even put it together and drenched and B12’d 400 wethers this afternoon! Very pleased with it already. Many thanks.

Jane McNeilly

What the heck have I mucked around with a tandem trailer for?!!! You’ll have to call the wheels “bernina” – simply magic!

Bill and Jenny

I think Dad was a bit skeptical about my purchase…. but we managed to vaccinate 400 lambs in an hour and a half, including running them into the yards and penning up. Dad was pretty quiet and didn’t say much while we were doing the job, but after we finished he reckoned it didn’t work too bad!!


Our Combi Clamp was used for the first time last Wednesday. We dagged and drenched 400 ewes and 400 lambs. It has been a wonderful success and everything we had hoped for. Now when we erect our new yards we will be able to put in a race that doesn’t allow the sheep to turn around in.

Kaye Bottrall

YES!! We have used effectively the Combi Clamp and yesterday vaccinated all our new lambs and ewes all in a days work!!! It was fantastic! After several words and once everybody had a job, it worked well. Thanks Wayne for your time and expertise the other day training us and helping us set up.

Paul and Katrina

Got the system all set up and are very impressed with the whole operation. Drenched, injected and did feet all in one operation and made the job so much easier. It makes it so much better for sheep husbandry where before it was just hard work!

Adrian and Jeanette Harris

To say I’m rapt with my Combi Clamp would be an understatement. We are getting a lot of use out of it in all facets of sheep work and singing it’s praise to others.

Chris Taiaroa-Benny

Cattle Handling

The quietness is one of the things we noticed at Fieldays last year. Your crush was heaps quieter than the others and it shows. The animals don’t mind coming into it. We also noticed how solid it was. It was built to withstand the punishment. I wasn’t quite sure about the automatic head bail at the start because I hadn’t had any previous experience with them and with the straight rails on the head bail. Now that I have used it for a season, I don’t know why you would have anything else. It just works beautifully. It’s a pleasure to work with.

Craig Pallister
Te Kauwhata, NZ

Finally got a chance to use the head yoke last weekend and what a great experience. The cows were a breeze to handle. No more pulling handles and scaring cows and much easier to release. Even handling calves was easy and less stress on us than our previous efforts. I must admit I was wondering if it would handle as easily as your video and the answer to that turned out to be a resounding yes. Thanks again.

Brad Mann
South Australia

I’ve already put over a 1000 cattle through the Auto Head Yoke and have found it to be the best investment I have made for years on the farm. Thanks.

Spencer Reedy
Gisborne NZ

I had no idea as to which type, or make, of head bail I was looking for but the price had to be reasonable and I had to be able to understand how the bail worked so I could simply fix it myself if something went wrong. I required the bail due to a number of my breeding cows having cancer eye and needing urgent attention. The head bail arrived and I managed to fit the entire head bail in well under an hour once the new poles were concreted in place. I read the instructions which were again simple to follow and the bail is now well used. I find that my efficiency has improved significantly when dealing with stock which has justified the expense. Once again thank you for your service and assistance.

Shane Blair

Just some feedback for you on the head bail – “BLOODY BRILLIANT!” We did about 190 Revlor in the steers and it worked very well. The technician was impressed. It worked super good.

Google Reviews

Thanks very much for the prompt delivery of the Combi Clamp. I did not think when I ordered it that I would have it set up and in use just one week later. I have used a variety of sheep handlers/weigh crates on the properties I worked on as a shepherd. Now, as an owner operator I can happily attest to this being the most simple and intuitive to use of the lot. This machine is a game changer. There is almost no learning curve. Even after only one use, the Combi Clamp has saved me hours compared to my old weighing set up, and with less labour on the job. The key difference in weighing is that the flow of sheep is never broken by a gate like in a weigh crate. Catching the sheep is easier than in any of the pneumatically operated clamps I have used. Any mis-catches are easily remedied without having to risk letting a sheep go if a button doesn't fire the actuator correctly. Moving a sheep back or forward is so easy due to being able to tailor the pressure to exactly what you require. Every component appears well engineered and is simple to operate. I am thoroughly impressed and am looking forward to the rest of my summer yard work.
Alisdair MacKenzie
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