The benefits of owning a Combi Clamp

The Combi Clamp is driven by the weight of the operator moving onto a working platform beside the clamp. This platform is connected to the opposing wall through a pivot point at ground level. The distance between the pivot point and where the sheep stand gives us the flexibility to handle a range of different sized sheep without having to use the width adjustment. For example, ewes and lambs undrafted.

Different operators is also no problem for the Combi Clamp as the same unit can be set up either left or right-handed simply by attaching the approach race to either end of the clamp.

It also has the facility to adjust the leverage for different weighted operators.

The quiet action of the Combi Clamp, due to the lack of noisy air rams, coupled with soft belting on the opposing wall and rubber on the floor makes the Combi Clamp the quietest sheep handler on the market. All of these features combine to increase the natural flow of the stock without the need for excessive anti-backing devices.

It’s not an angry machine

The manual operation of the Combi allows the operator to gently ease sheep into the correct position. This is especially important as different jobs call for different catching positions. This control minimises the time spent on repositioning sheep.

With hands-free operation and good access over the full length of the sheep, the Combi Clamp is well suited to multitasking. The operator can move freely from the front to the back of the sheep while it is restrained.

The Combi Clamp’s independence from power or compressors allows the unit to be highly mobile. Using the wheel attachments or placing on another form of transport, the Combi can be transported easily to satellite yards.

“Sheep handlers are like motels. Would you go back?”






Foot Rotting


Foot Rotting

What the Combi Clamp can do


Made so easy. Minimal physical effort is required to hold the sheep compared to traditional means. With hands free operation and the Clamp’s “Quick Catch and Release System”,the hand piece can be left running and ready between sheep. Dirties are easily identified and caught, while leaving the clean sheep to pass through, eliminating the need to draft off the dirty sheep first before dagging etc.


Fast operation. The Combi Clamp holds each sheep in the same position, and allows ease of handling and control as animal movement is minimised once clamped . Because the operator is not in a race or pen situation with the sheep to administer the drench, the Clamp greatly reduces physical stress on both the operator and animals.


Very efficient because the hands free operation of the Combi Clamp allows reloading of applicators while you release the current and capture the next sheep concurrently. The soft side prevents rearing up or sitting down while being handled, a problem that can occur with other methods of handling.


A quick and easy operation as sheep can be slowed down and held briefly as a needle is inserted. Usually vaccinating is done in conjunction with drenching or capsuling, if so then the vaccinating can easily be done in the approach race simply by removing the anti jump rails. Once again the Combi Clamp’s soft side with its wrap around effect is a great aid in preventing rearing or movement.


The advantage of weighing with the Combi Clamp is that the machine is tared out, including the operators body weight, this enables the operator to carry out other procedures, or condition score the animal while weighing.

Tagging/Ear Marking

The Combi Clamp allows easy access to the ears, whilst holding the sheep steady. This enables easy tag application or reading, age marking etc.


Physically demanding using conventional methods, the Combi Clamp enables you to restrain the sheep while standing at the head end. The operator can make the decision as to which sheep need to be caught, allowing the younger sheep to flow straight through.


The Combi Clamp means you can work on animals and draft all in one easy process, without having to run animals through the yards again.

Foot Rotting

By activating the locking bar, the sheep can be held in place in a natural standing position while you trim the feet. No need to tip sheep over.



Standard Unit

The standard unit enables you to do your dagging and general sheep handling ie; drenching, vaccinating, mouthing, tagging, capsuling, feet etc. One unit can be used left or right handed.


Three Way Draft

The 3 way draft is the most popular extra because each time you have sheep in the yards they are generally drafted for some reason ie; condition, age, weight, sex, strangers. Why not do it all in one pass?

Weigh Gear Attachments

Weigh Gear Attachments are the attachments that are required to accommodate an electronic weighing system. Scales are available on request.


Curved Races

Curved Races may be required to assist with the positioning of the Combi Clamp or may be an advantage for a sole operator.


Wheel Attachments

Enables the Standard unit to become it’s own trailer and can carry all the optional extras ie; Draft, Curves etc


Wool Classing Wall

Allows access to the wool across the sheep rather than just the back.


Lamb Cusion Wall

A lower wall on the operators side which makes it easier to handle lambs, especially when drenching and vaccinating. Popular with goat farmers also as the horns can sit above it.


Handpiece Holder

This device can be easily fitted to most materials with Tek screws. Here it is attached to the drawbar of the Wheel Attachments for portability. Fully covered with rubber, it is a soft and sturdy hook for your handpiece.

Sheep Anti-Backing Ramp

Fits into races of varying width. Sheep flow over the ramp very well and we are yet to see one back over it.

Gadget Holder

Attached via the Weigh Gear Attachments, the Gadget Holder is a safe, stable place to put all those bits and pieces, such as: indicator, vaccine, ear markers, raddle, and tags. If you don’t have Weigh Gear Attachments, you will need to construct your own mounts. This could be either rods hit into the ground, or sockets attached to the back of the handler.


  • Clamp length: 1.2 m
  • Clamp width: 1.15 m
  • Clamp weight 120 kg
  • Ramp length: 1.9 m
  • Ramp weight: 85 kg
  • 3-Way Draft length: 1.2 m
  • 3-Way Draft weight: 52kg
  • Standard unit length: 3.1 m
  • Standard unit + draft length: 4.3 m

Total weight of trailer unit excluding optional extras: 205 kg

Dagging plants and scales available on request