A fully automatic head bail with auto re-set facility. The Auto Head Yoke is designed and manufactured by David Ritchie (Implements) Limited of Scotland.

While in Scotland for the launch of the Combi Clamp sheep handler for David Ritchie Implements, we spotted the Auto Head Yoke and were impressed by several features that weren’t available in the New Zealand market.

Auto Head Yoke (Head Bail)

NZ$2700.00 +GST Ex Palmerston North
AU$2800.00 +GST Ex St Arnaud VIC


  • Self Catching ( one man operation)
  • Auto re-set (catches the next animal, after the first has exited)
  • Adjustable width
  • Walk through
  • Left or Right handed
  • Neck Rope
  • Hot Dipped galvanized
  • Quiet
  • Safe
  • Easily installed in a race or an existing crate
  • No power or hydraulics
  • Simple to use

How the Auto Head Yoke (Head Bail) works

With a movement of a lever at the top of the head bail, the doors will automatically move inwards into the crush to a re-set position, ready to catch the first animal.

The head bail is closed by the neck of the approaching animal. There is a neck rope available to restrain heads in a lower position for a finer procedure.

Once the animal is dealt with, the operator has the option of forward release, or backwards and exiting by a side gate. When the animal is released backwards, the doors will only go inwards, allowing a safe approach around the front of the bail to encourage the animal to reverse out.

Following a forward exit, the gates can be activated to pass the close position and into the re-set position without stopping, ready to catch the next animal.

The width is easily adjusted to suit the size animals that you are dealing with. Following width adjustment the black knobs at the bottom of the bail are tightened to reduce noise. The bale is quiet to use.


  • Height: 1950mm
  • Width Internal: 760mm
  • Width External: 900mm
  • Weight: 153 kg

Auto Head Yoke

Auto Head Yoke

Auto Head Yoke

Auto Head Yoke